About Us
Management Team

The members of the management team of Pineland Co-op are:

General Manager - Vacant

Controller - Tracey Olson

Human Resources Manager - Tammy Nilson

Accountant - Donna Ritthaler

Executive Assistant - Tammy Runn

Marketing Manager - Keisha Mohr

Asset Protection Manager -  Clinton Sprenger

Food Division Manager - Jason McFall

Grocery Manager - Rob Laroque

Assistant Grocery Manager - Amanda Ritthaler

Meat Manager - Jason Vavra

Assistant Meat Manager - Cameron Hergott

Deli Manager - Jennifer Molsberry

Bakery Manager - Delaine Althouse

Produce Manager - Vacant

C-Store Manager - Lynne Hoppe

Assistant C-Store Manager - Alaine Tomanek

Home and Building Supplies Division Manager - Ryan Snorro

Building Materials (Lumber) Manager - Dean Spice

Estimator/Project Manager - Vacant

Hardware Manager - Chris Brost

Petroleum Division Manager - Lawrence Anonychuk

Ag Division Manager - Trevis Sturby

Grow Team Sales Partner  Harvey Thibault

Crop Inputs Manager - Danielle Stensrud

Nipawin Fertilizer Manager - Barry Hipkins

Choiceland Fertilizer Manager - Robert Sopher

Choiceland Corner Manager - Greg Haluke

Choiceland Corner Agronomist - Breann Woolsey

Choiceland Store Manager - Phyllis Beedle